Friday, August 27, 2010

Macaque-style, laughing buddhas, and masala pizza

I'm way too tired to write a fully complete and coherent post, but I'll gonna go for it anyway. I'm gonna break the past two days down in into bullet form descriptions:

-Went to Batu caves which are kind of a big deal here
-saw macaque monkeys foolin' around, doing it 'Macaque Style', if you catch my drift.
-Drank out of a coconut.
-middle aged indian man befriended me and led me to the best indian restaurant ever, so i had the claypot chicken biryani, extra spicy. That grew some hairs on even my barren scalp.
-indian man sold me 3 laughing buddhas, which were cheap and just enjoyable to look at. esides the guy was very sweet. Even that made the purchase worth it, but you know I'm just a sucker for these things. He kept saying I should rub buddhas' bellies and spread some flowers on them for prosperity, happiness, for protection against bornean women's black magic.

-traveled to Kuching, which is a city with spunk, on northwest part of Borneo
- in Kuching I was received like an ambassador (everyone in the research centre knew who I was, and treated me to numerous delectable treats)
-told that I might be one of a few people potentially able to explore a completely pristine part of Borneo, in the Heart of Borneo, so how could I be not be ecstatic. Survivorman video coming right up??
-I was shown all around this fantastic research institution, Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, which really impressed me. Their labs are equipped with pretty state-of-the-art lab equipment, so I think conducting experiments here will be very feasible. Can't wait to start working here.
-Lastly, the Pizza hut here is sooooo different than the ones in the states. They put curry and all sorts of flavorful spices in their pizza and in the cheese that goes in the stuffed crust. It was on another planet of tasty.

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  1. love the monkey picture.

    sounds like you're having a great time! keep updating, i can't wait to hear more! wish i could be there traveling with you, but alas. maybe i'll come for a visit sometime? :)