Monday, November 1, 2010


I've been here in Kuching for a little over two months now (how the time flies, it's just nuts) and the unique form of English the people speak here definitely has been rubbing off on me. I feel like I need to provide everyone with an appendix to malaysian english, which in many ways is like normal english, but for a few slang phrases. Most of them are described in this article ( but I will briefly talk about the ones I use most now.

laa: which doesn't actually mean anything, but is commonly said at the end of many sentences, because of how commonly "laa" ends malay words. So you see it's kind of fun to use it, laa.

nevermind: which really just means don't worry about it, or it's no big deal, just chill out.

is it?: really? or is it true?

last time: though sometimes used in the normal sense, signifying the last time something happened, many times it is just used to say 'in the past' or 'before'

well, that's all for now, laa. If you don't care for Malenglish, nevermind.

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