Thursday, April 21, 2011

Recess in Bhutan

So at the end of Day 2 in Bhutan, Chencho drove me up to this monastery, like most monasteries here, hidden away up high, and only accessible via windy road hugging a mountain. Right around sunset, the monk students were let out from their late afternoon courses. This young boy spent his break pensively staring out at the world, basking in all its natural beauty in front of him. He looked so peaceful staring at the mountain range ahead, and made me wonder about how this recess was unlike what we were all used to as schoolchildren. And that thought just blew me away, really helping me to better understand what this special society is about. Imagine growing up with hours of quality time with yourself and the natural world. Not only would this explain the profound appreciation for the beautiful offerings of Mother Earth, but also would shed some light on the Drukpa's excellent understanding of themselves. They are immensely comfortable with themselves, their way of life, and their fellow people. Theirs is a culture of very self aware people, and I'll give more concrete examples in some other post(s).


  1. Thanks Yuan! Sometimes you just feel the power and magnitude of a just kind of hits you in the face, kind of like when I noticed this little guy looking so serene.