Thursday, June 10, 2010

we went to school in a castle

Hey Everyone. with this post, I am kicking off my blog, Lucid Living. The background for this name is long and complicated. Basically, the last few months of school and during this summer, I have had a revelation of sorts. It was a change in life philosophy, mentality, in short, a super-awareness of mind, body, my relationship to the world and to others, how to best achieve my aspirations and dreams, and perhaps most importantly, what makes me happy. Like becoming lucid during a dream, my becoming more lucid in daily life has been refreshing, and has also come with a greater appreciation for everyday events previously ignored or considered to mundane to attach any significance to. Now, this blog is not meant to be a full blown journal, in which I vent my every feeling, activity, etc, but more of a blog of briefly described fun stories, activities, contemplations to provide a context for the photos I will post. I hope that the photos tell the story as well or better than my word. Also, the blog is mainly going to be about my time in Malaysian Borneo, starting August 22nd.

So to start, graduation weekend really made me appreciate how amazing and ridiculous it is that I was able to call this castle of a place (Yale) 'home' at one point. Moreover, think of the freedoms we had: we drank booze, smoked cigars, burned sparklers, played really loud music, etc. all under a tent in the Great Courtyard. And we lived in a college whose Master (kind of the head honcho to fun, funds, and activities in every residential college at Yale) would (and has) physically beat(en) a student from a rival college with a whiffle ball bat. When I think of it now, I sometimes have a hard time believing it, but it was amazing in many ways, and I feel so lucky to have experienced everything I have. Even with the lost Macbook, missed roomdraw, and receding hairline. And I doubt I'll ever live in a structure that looks remotely like a castle ever again, but I'm pretty happy I had the experience for a brief duration. I guess I'm ready to pass to torch to other deserving people. Lastly, note my wicked class-day (ceremony in which Bill Clinton spoke and Undergrads wear funny headgear) hairdo in the middle pic.

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  1. I AM NOT IN THESE PHOTOS! don't i count as a former suitemate? yay good blog. miss you. don't get bitten by anything poisonous. or with big teeth.