Friday, July 2, 2010

wax ladyland

To no one's surprise, I'm not great at keeping up with my own blog, but lucid living has kept me busy. This is especially true now that I've gotten my act together and started med school apps. Hopefully things will be a bit more at peace in the jungle, and I will be able to post on the blog daily, though probably just a few times a week. Anyhow, New Haven has such a different feel to it these days; not just the absence of undergrads, but it's almost hard to remember that I went to school here only a few weeks ago. The school just is not as welcoming these days, no longer catering to our every need, and door access taken away, perhaps a symbol of our being booted out. I did, however, have dinner on one of the nicest porches in New Haven (overlooking the Green), and began what I think will be a prolific career in candle-wax art. In other news, I just bought a utility belt for Borneo, learned just how easy it is to make delicious hummus, cried during Toy story 3, and have actually begun exercising seriously, of course in preparation for the rugged rainforest trekking I might be doing in Borneo. Lastly, I want to convey just how much I love my vegetable garden at home. Maybe it was part of my parents' Feng Shui craze, but last year was the first year my stepdad planted all these yummy vegetables and herbs in our backyard garden. This year he just went all out, as he typically does, and planted like double the number of different plants. This includes basil (my favorite), eggplant (black and white varieties), cherry tomatoes, cucumbers the size of my arm, horseradish, peas, hot italian peppers, rosemary, thyme, mint (chocolate and some other variety), a fig tree, a cherry tree, zucchini and others. For some days, I derive more than half of my ingredients from this garden, making some epic salads, dips, and garnishes.
Conclusion: I love food and am considering how to incorporate chefdom in my medical practice later on.

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