Sunday, July 11, 2010

No Haven in New Haven

This is a post based on events from Wed (7/7) to Thursday (7/ 8) morning, since I had to sleep in my tissue engineering lab Wednesday night. Now, hear me out, because I know everyone who knows me would think nothing has changed with my crazed shenanigans. Basically the lab offered A/C which no other place I could have stayed in could offer me. Also i would have been on the floor in a sleeping bag where ever I went anyways, so why not also have a chill place to stay, rather than waking up in a lake of sweat the next morning. But suffice to say, I thought the night would be abruptly interrupted by security guards. I imagined how a security would react if they saw me, all cocooned in my sleeping bag with an eye mask on. Or if in the morning, I was sitting at the table in only a bathrobe, drinking coffee and reading the paper. In the end it was a quiet night, I woke up early, and then walked along College st.
Somehow the ridiculousness of the night's circumstances were paralleled by seeing a real life turkey, right near the Owl Shop, just gobbling (that can't be the right term) along the street toward an unknown destination (I hope not someone's lunch). I really didn't know how to deal with this sight, except take the photo in this post. Otherwise, things are going well, maybe as well as they've gone in a long time...which is a little scary but refreshing. I've just been getting into a healthy lifestyle, waking up (in large part my sister Becky's project) early, exercising, eating healthy, cooking prolifically but sort of improvising recipes, kind of getting through med school applications, reading a lot of cool stuff (mostly Bourdain's zany food writing). Also made a little weekend trip out to Minneapolis to visit some great friends. Ended up being a special weekend of long bike rides and such a sick time at the Weezer concert. I agree with an article published the next morning, that Weezer still matters. Lastly, i heard from this bartender about this great snack called a 'Scottish Egg,' and hope I can one day try it...ingredients include egg, ground beef (although ground turkey might be a decent replacement ;-) ), oil, and bread crumbs maybe. Peace.

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