Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bloodsuckers and Waterfalls

Since yesterday we ate our hearts out, today we decided to hike off those 10 meals at a nearby national park called Gunung Gading. Nothing crazy happened. We hiked up the trail for about 2 hours, until we reached this awesome waterfall. I had my housemate do a mini-photoshoot of me since I do not get so many chances to have good pictures taken of me. Also, the rumored bloodsucking leeches did not really show in the numbers I had been told they would. Just one leeped onto my friend's ankle, and we decided to spray it with this plant essential oil thought to repel it. And it did. Lastly, yesterday's curry-palooza came back with a vengeance near the waterfall; I was told that as long as I asked the forest for permission to do my thing, I would not be haunted by jungle spirits and all would be well. So continues my authentic rainforest experience.

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