Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Festival of Lights

tonight was the annual autumn full moon festival, a big event for the chinese community in Kuching, and I think all over the world. So basically, everyone brings lanterns of different designs, along with goodies, to this special garden, called Taman Sahabat (or the 'Chinese-Malay garden'). Groups of people find a tree, and begin hanging the lanterns (which have lit candles inside) on the tree branches (I half expected a Chinese man, dressed as Santa, to be giving out mooncakes). People also walk around this garden holding lanterns in hand, while others light these massive lanterns with flames that propel the lantern into the atmosphere, like a hot air balloon. I got pretty lucky and noticed one in perfect alignment with the moon. And lucky for me I brought the tripod, since I got a group photo with me in it, along with some other long exposure shots.

Everyday, I'm just being thrown into so many new, exciting, thought provoking or just plain fun,experiences. I feel myself growing to love photography, in large part due to all these great photo opportunities I am becoming more aware of, and also since my practice is beginning to reap rewards. So it goes...

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