Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crikey! (Too Soon?)

So yesterday, a bunch of us SBC'ers (SBC= Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, just fyi) went to the local crocodile farm, which is sort of misleading, considering all the other animals they had there as well. But before the farm, I was at a coworkers' house and noticed a scale. So I wanted to assess the damage I've done in the past few weeks of nonstop eating. But to my surprise I actually found I had lost 15 Lbs!! My excitement was quickly shut down by Gilbert, my housemate, who noted that fat is far lighter than muscle. That is, I've really cut down my protein intake and, well, you get the point. So I'm on a search for more protein all the time now, and maybe can get back into exercise. I wondered if the croc farm could help with that.

Well, the crocodile farm was quite swamp like- muddy, wet, and hot. The mosquitos were out for midday feeding and my blood was apparently being served a la carte. When I first came to an area with crocodiles, they seemed quite fake- they were all just motionless, mouths gaping open, which is how they cool down. But the key was checking their eye lids, which did move once in a while. Then we came to this huge swamp area, where the feeding would take place. This consisted of defeathered chickens being hung from a clothesline above the water, and then the crocs would jump up to make the catch. Basically made for tons of great photo opps.

Other than the crocs, there were many other animals as was something of a mini-zoo, and, seeing animals caged up makes me quite depressed. The chickens and other poultry were allowed to roam...see, the crocs' life isn't so bad here, I mean they get fed free range chicken, I'm sure they really appreciate that. By the end, when I had also learned about how crocodiles are on the fringe of being endangered, I decided I would avoid crocodile curry soup served at the canteen. I think I better not pick any fights with crocodiles, or else when I'm up in the highland swamps in a few weeks, they might just settle the know, take some body part like they did Chubbs' hand in Happy Gilmore (it actually was an alligator). One last note on the farm- there was this one crocodile with a genetic defect that gave it two snouts, crossed through each other (crossnouted?)...seemed healthy though.

Post croc farm, Gilbert and I went over to the Orangutan Rehabilitation center near SBC. Finally got some cool photos with my telephoto lens, but unfortunately Ritchie, the mean and moody alpha male, didn't show.

Good day overall, though I really just wanna see some animals purely in the wild. Except for the numerous snakes here; I would rather completely avoid them. The Reticulated Python is known to grow up to lengths of 20-25ft long, and could swallow you whole...well it might have to take me in several courses since I'm big boned. But I have been told that i would make for some epic medium cooked steaks. Still, good thing Bornean cannibals are a thing of the past...that's at least what they tell us foreigners.

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