Friday, September 3, 2010

The Meal I've been Waiting, Wishing, Hoping for my whole life

I woke up today, and really paid for the gluttony of last night.
Yesterday, like every other weekday, I woke up 6am, professor kind of pressured me to have some flat noodles which ended being just phenomenal.I knew I was going to this Buffet that night; I was told the buffet was a Rammadan buffet to celebrate the break-fast. Anyways, I wasted some time for like 5 hours, then worked on some boring fungal stuff for like 6 hours, before it was time to FEAST. I was going with the grad student I work with, and her friends in the fermentation research group at Swinburne Univ. of Tech,an international university in Kuching. The girl driving had all these funny furry stuffed pets; there's even fur on the doors of the car. This was quite possibly the most Asian-looking car ever seen, and it was pretty endearing. this girl was racing through the streets scaring the shit out of us, but whatever. Let's get to the meal. I had not eaten lunch and really felt the hunger crippling me right now. So this meal was nuts...everything good from the East and stuff I had never heard of but loved: a WHOLE LAMB roasted with great spices...cumin, coriander...and was that motor oil I detected; a gyro STATION, so they made you a gyro sandwich with the sauces and all; malay-style ceviche; lamb biryani, extra spicy, extra tasty; a station that made ice kacang (pronounced ka-chang, basically a snow cone with various syrups; many meats prepared in strange ways, like this chicken meat that was pounded down and flattened by a person dancing on it; pickled mango, not so good; bamboo shootclams, basically these cylindrical shells about 6 inches long, and inside there are fantastic clams; eggplant with ginger and a special sauce they call sambal; curried durian, bad smell, good taste which i surprises you because you think it'll taste horrendous based on smell; fresh dragonfruit; freshly made tapioca pudding (yes they grow tapioca nearby); papaya that was coated in sour and salty powder (dislike), but this is eaten to make you more hungry apparently.There was much much more than what I'm mentioning, but I couldn't remember it all. I felt like I Dined in Heaven last night. I had a sort of overdose of new, delicious, strange flavors...I'll just say I went into 'Flavor-Shock' and leave it at that (pictures on the way soon, I stupidly forgot the camera and a friend took all the photos. Afterwards, I was rolled back to the car and dropped off at home, a delusionally overfed blob of humanity left to an undisturbed slumber.