Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Life Cafe and Mooncakes galore

Last night was the beginning of Kuching's annual Mooncake Festival, which is a festival celebrating the beginning of autumn (even though the climate doesn't change one bit) with tons of food, mooncakes (just little round cakes filled with various goodies, from papaya and cream to egg yolk with black lotus paste), dance, music, costumes, singing, and a highly contested lantern competition, a lanternathon one might say. My housemate and I went to this festival, but first he brought me over to The Life Cafe, where I had Life's specialty spicy noodles. Not only was this the spiciest food I have ever eaten (when i went to sleep, my lips were still tingling), but these were the most delicious noodles I've ever had. All this was washed down with some great passion fruit tea. The ambiance of this place was just so very comfortable and soothing. I could come back here.

Afterwards, we walked around and took in the sights...from the Iban dressed in their authentic wear, playing their guitar-like instruments (Now made in an electric version), to the dozens of stands trying to attract the many tourists with offerings of tasty cakes, sausages, soups, and really good mops? Overall, love this place so far.


  1. mike this place sounds like heaven!! i love love love mooncakes and am so glad you could enjoy them :)

  2. Yeah, I'm enjoying them over and over and over again, ad infinitum. I call it the Mooncake Diet- do a sense a new health fad coming on in the States?