Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Woah....just WOAH!

Ok, so this is gonna be a very incomplete post, but I'll come back to it later. Why so incomplete, you ask? for one, a lot has been on my mind the past few days, I feel like a cumulonimbus cloud about to release all that stored up moisture...excuse the potentially sexual reference, but I've been reading Cloudspotter's Guide, which constantly makes sexual allusions while characterizing different cloud types. And, well, blogging is difficult from home, since my internet is just pure crap currently. But here at work, where i am now, supervisors always pass by, and I'm sure glance at my screen. So whatever I do that is not work, I try to do it very sneakily and quick. But alas, I'm wasting precious time.

Last night, there were some epic photo opps in and near my house. First, I was drinking tea while enjoying some espresso-chestnut mooncake (words can't even describe what nibbling on this did for my brain's pleasure centers, though the pics I posted with this posted might do justice). Well, Gilbert noticed how the lamp hanging on the ceiling was reflecting off the top of the tea we were drinking with mooncake, so he wanted to take some photos. But because of how we needed all things (tea, cup, table, and reflection of lamp) in the depth of field to be focused (small aperture needed, and therefore slow shutter speed), I took out my tripod, and snapped away, producing some interesting images. Then, one of Gilbert's friends called him and just told him to get outside to look at the full moon. We both jolted out and stared for some minutes, in silence. Usually a thick coat of clouds just covers the entire sky here (which is why I haven't been able to see any stars), but for some reason (maybe related to the full moon and us being at/near the equator) the clouds tonight clear around the moon to form a perfect circle. It looked like the negative of a picture of the eye, with the moon being the pupil. And it was a majestic sight. So, set up the tripod and took some super long exposures (like 30 sec) to produce a few good shots.

After this, I spent like 2 hours walking along the road in the dark, stopping for long periods to take in this beautiful night with each of my senses. I am Really feeling myself relaxing, and connecting to this strange and unfamiliar place. Totally ready for what's to come.

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