Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reserved Seating at Movie Theaters and a Haunted Chalet

Yesterday, I went on a short hike into the rainforest, near our labs. The other researchers wanted to show me just how they collect plant samples, so we would all be on the same page on the expedition. The picture of me in this post is just along a trail near the lab, cutting a small stem sample to analyze in the lab. So maybe this wasn't enough adventure for me, since on our way back I decided to start jumping down the little depressions in the ground. On the second jump i landed with my foot tilted to wrong way, and well, hurt my ankle. Limping around for the day, I was so pissed at myself for being so reckless. Good thing today it feels much much better and I'm not limping any more. I think i'm making a full recovery quickly. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise, since I really learned what NOT to do on my expedition.

Also, last night, a group of us went to see Resident Evil. The movie isn't really worth commenting on, but the seating system here is. When you buy a ticket for the movie, seating is assigned right away, and there is no way to change it. Also, seats come in pairs, so you get to feel all the motions and vibrations the person next to you is making.

Speaking of zombies, I just found out that the research center has a spooky little secret. Several of the researchers, who have stayed at the lab at night, reported hearing kids giggling and other strange human sounds that should not be heard here. That's because there is no way there are any kids near the lab...this center is quite isolated and surrounded by rainforest. The researchers have said they've seen other lab employees, when those employees were most definitely not at the centre. Lights have been known to flicker in eerie and inexplicable ways. Lastly, there used to be this hostel for guests, but years ago, someone seems to have gone mad and committed suicide in the hostel. Jeez, I get the creeps just thinking about it. Let's just say I'm going to stick to standard hours of operation.


  1. "Also, seats come in pairs, so you get to feel all the motions and vibrations the person next to you is making"

    hahaha really? how often did that happen, mike? i don't recall resident evil being that exciting...

    yes i did just comment on two of your posts in a row.

  2. throughout the entire movie...remember, mass factors in the equation as even the tiniest of shifts can cause massive rocking motions, in the right circumstances.

    I'm quite flattered, and even encourage these crazy shenanigans of yours...feel invited to post as many in a row as you could muster up. I will return the favor, now that I'm tuned in to the La yuanita frequency.